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Sometimes your letters really touch us and excite us. So we like to share them with other Brothers and Sisters as well (with your permission of course).

Dearest Brothers and Sisters,

I am reaching out to all of you in behalf of Alain and Gods work through Him. Alain is feeling the financial stress for his family and has mentioned possibly having to get work soon. After prayer , God has put it on my heart to do more, First, my wife and I have talked and we are going to make some changes that will allow an additional 50 dollars per month to go to Ministry Revealed/ Alain, our Brother, Teacher and Watchman, as we really believe his work calling is the Ministry…..changing lives.

Secondly, there are more souls to save and this “Truth -Word” is doing just that and in particular will be for those LEFT BEHIND.

I personally could never give enough back to God and Alain for what this Ministry has done to call me into Deeper waters, a Deeper understanding with Jesus……it has been PRICELESS. It is time we show our love and support to Alain ( who would never ask himself) so OUR MINISTRY can continue to grow. Many of us do not even hear the REVEALED TRUTH from our own local churches.

I was eating lunch alone the other day when two gentlemen sat at the table beside me, both ministers, one local and one from Kenya. It was not long that we were in deep discussion about Operation 14 Years. I started by asking them, did they know why ?

Jesus wore 4 colors of robes, they had never see it. Andrew Wafula has 14 churches in Africa and 250 orphan children, he was going to go home and study and go to the website and wants me to come share this news with his churches , Fred the local minister is starting a Bible college and asked if I would be interested in teaching and is getting together with me to study next week. They asked, are you a minister, I said no, just a student of Ministry Revealed and then explained. So the point is, with Operation 14 years, I can reach out to the world with confidence.

So whether it is a dollar , prayer or whatever God puts on your heart, will you join me in saying to God , thank you , saying thank you to Alain and we want you to continue full time in THE LIVING WORD - REVEALING THE TRUTH to each of us and the lost , the birth pangs /changes effecting the world.

A time is soon coming when we all will meet, I write, I love you Alain , all the time, because I truly mean it and I love His family …..I do not want to meet in heaven and look at Him or any of you and not be able to say, I did my best ……………….for those I Love.

To think out of billions of people on this planet, you are one of a very few who have been a part of The Mysteries of The Word, being unlocked, what a GIFT. I know how the Disciples felt.

As always , pray first and respond to Gods direction in Love . Love to all , your brother in Christ

Keith Donate
Hi Brother Alain,

As I had stated earlier, I brought the teaching to approximately 12-15 individuals divided into two groups. The presentation was spaced approximately 2-4 weeks apart. There were parents with small children that attended; therefore distractions were common. But by God grace, they were able to receive the information presented, and many revealed much interest.

My intent in sharing this timeline was to awaken them to how close we are to end time fulfillment. And most importantly, to spark their desire to be part of His Bride. I presented copies of the 14yr Timeline to most that attended. Some simply preferred to snap a picture of the Timeline.

My foundation on the 14yr Timeline rested on Scripture in the Book of Hosea 6:1-2 "Come,let us return to the Lord. For He has torn us to pieces, but He will heal us; he has wounded us, but he will bind us up. After two days He will revive us; on the third day he will raise us up, that we may live in His presence." In addition, I used the Scripture in Luke 3:1 for establishing the historical facts related to the timing of Jesus' ministry and death, based on the reign of Tiberius.

With this information available, there could be no dispute of dates.

I followed these simply rules:

  1. 1) This was a "possibility", even though the volume of evidence in Scripture does reveal high probability for occurrence.
  2. 2) The doctrines regarding the "escape', the "rapture', and the "resurrection" were not debated. Scripture only was given to support their fact.
  3. 3) Questions could be asked and opinions given. This with the understanding that these were "opinions" only and not fact.

I do remember one question related to the resurrection in Rev 20:4,

I believe I had mentioned this in my previous post.

I referred those who attended to your YouTube Channel should they desire to receive greater knowledge and understanding.

There were a few concerns addressed by some that attended that I will now share:

This church is known to have individual members who are prophetic. They have moved in the gift of prophesy for 10-20 years (with past evidence of credible and accurate prophesies). These concerns addressed prophetic Words either given by them, or received by them that would not fit into the beginning year (2018 and on) of this 14yr Timeline. With this in mind, I did encourage them to seek the Lord for further revelation on this matter. I am sure there is a much greater depth of knowledge to be received. That being said, many enjoyed the teaching and looked forward to learning more. I had hoped that some would have visit your YouTube Channel for greater revelation. I pray always that the Lord would lead us in wisdom and truth.

Thank you again Brother Alain for all your hard work. I know the Lord is perfecting all that concerns each and every one of His children:) God Bless


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