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The books are opening and their End Time understandings Are Being REVEALED!

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Our history

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Jesus christ is our foundation

Here our story and how it all Began for us

The Ministry officially started for me on September 8, 2017. It was during a video I was making on that day when some scriptures caught my attention in a way that made me question an understanding as soon as I saw it. The few videos I had made up to that point were simply of me wanting to be a part of doing something for the Kingdom. To hopefully help others come to know our Lord and Savior. But on the day those words, through the Spirit, caught my attention, (and you can see in the video, which is still on the YouTube channel, of that day where it happened) everything changed. Once I finished that video I followed up on what I had caught my attention and the rest that has happened from that point is as they say 'History'. Scriptures never before truly understood, as Daniel said, in relation to the End Times understanding began to reveal themselves to me. Scripture after scripture with answers to questions I did not even know were Questions! From Genesis to Revelation.

Ministry Revealed

The Ministry downloads its key videos from its teachings, which are also found on our YouTube channel, onto USBs and ships them around the world. The purpose is to help wake up the bride while there's still time AND leave Understanding / Posterity, for those who have been left behind and will be confused. One day soon all faith based websites and teachings will be removed from the internet. But with your help we can arm them with these revelations on USBs.

The mission is called Operation 14 Years. To support, you can visit our GoFundMe page or PayPal by clicking on the 'Donate' button Today.

And it's FREE, click: e-Sword

The Bible program used in the videos is a major key to scripture understanding and growth. It helps instantly access the original Greek and Hebrew word definitions, multiplying your understanding ten fold!

Help support Ministry Revealed's mission of getting the true 14 Year Tribulation understanding out to the world. To individuals like yourself and church leaders alike. We ship the information on USBs out for free upon request, wherever you would like one sent. We also ship many ourselves to churches and teachers we've researched. They're free whether you're able to support or not! We simply ask for those who are able to support the mission to please do so, so that we can keep sending them out until it's time to go HOME!


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