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la compréhension de la tribulation de 14 ans et l'ouverture des livres sont révélées


Jesus Christ

The gospels revealed

The revealing of the Gospels like never before

A short, clear, detailed and shareable INTRO video, on the end time understanding of "Who the Gospels are Speaking to", that so many have been waiting for! I know many were also hoping I could include the 14 year portion in this too. But it's simply impossible to do in 30 minutes or less on this topic, because I need show the comparisons between each Gospel to give the supporting evidence of the truth being revealed

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it's not 7 years of tribulation

The revealing of the 14 years tribulation

The understanding of the End Time years, that we call "The 14 Years" (7 twice). I said I would put it out in a short 30ish :) minutes format. And believe it or not I was able to...but it wasn't easy! Although, I'm starting to really enjoy putting these short teachings together. They're truly not easy to do and take a lot more work then the full length teachings

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The books are opening

The revealing of chapter to years

Today's teaching is, Part 3 of our Intro Series with study notes. I know, I know:)...the first two intro teachings I was able to keep to around 30 minutes long. But with this incredible revelation and the amount of scripture that needs to be covered to prove it clearly needed much more than 30 minutes

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Not one piece of the puzzle out of place!

The Ultimate culmination of teachings

End Time revelation, not one piece of the puzzle out of place! The entire thing from start to finish revealed in precise Order! The ultimate revealing of the combined, almost 3 years, of revelation coming through this ministry in End Time Knowledge and Understanding!

Series of events

TimeLine of
Seals and Trumpets

Hello All. Finally... the 14 year tribulation timeline video is done. I know it's a long video, but there of course was a lot to cover. It could have been longer! The main purpose of this video is for us to leave the understanding of what's coming and when, for those who will be left behind

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Word of God

of the day

The Bible is inspired by God Himself! It is His Word, containing His wisdom, His goodness, His intentions, His judgements, His heart. Have you been so interested in understanding God’s will that you spend time with His very own Word?

05 juin 2020

1 Thessaloniciens 5:11

“C'est pourquoi consolez-vous les uns les autres, et difiez-vous l'un l'autre, comme vous le faites aussi.”



As ripened wheat bows their bodies before a harvest due to the weight of the substance therein, the title Fields of Gold personifies the seamlessly knitted words shared from the contrite, humbled heart that penned this book. The revelations of truth that the Author shares, which stemmed from an experiential walk with the Father, will open doors in your heart that you fight to keep shut. Allow the Holy Spirit to enter these opened doors to bring forth the weighty substance of Gold within your wheat stem...

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Give you life to Jesus

you saved

If you prayed that prayer, you are now a child of God. The things of your old life have passed away and He has made all things new.

Just open your heart pray these word

Jesus i believe You gave Your life for me.

I believe You paid the price for my sinful, unbelieving heart.

I confess that I am a sinner and ask You to forgive me for all I have done that is wrong in the eyes of the Father.

I surrender all of my life to You – I give You all of my life!

Lord Jesus, open my eyes and fill me with the Holy Spirit.

Pour into me the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

Help me know the Father’s will for my life and give me the strength and courage to consume Your Words and live a righteous life.

I know that for this I was born, for this I will live.

In Your precious name, I pray.


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