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Here is mysteries that has been revealed in the Holy scripture

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The mysteries

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It's All A Fractal!

Hello Fourteeners Brothers and Sisters. This IS the Video of ALL Videos. This is THE CONFIRMING REVELATION of the entire END TIME revelation revealed to and through this ministry! The entire revelation revealed from, Who the Gospels Are Speaking To, to The 14 years and Big Pictures. ARE Now FULLY Proven out here today by the revelation of The Beginning of All Creations!...

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Jesus is coming on Zion

His Return and The Coming MOUNTAIN

This video you can say is partly a follow up or continuation from the last video that I didn't have time to elaborate on, regarding the first, yes first return of Christ. The truth of it has been staring us in the face the whole time. But like everything else, it's ALL in the Lord's timing

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Revelation in the robe of Jesus

Revealed in the ROBE! (Incredible!)

Today's video is Awesome. Yet more understanding that confirms our understanding here at this ministry and this one was brought on thanks to a couple of you. Who would have ever guessed that the robe colours given to us in the Gospels would have ever been able to tell us what you're about to get revealed here in this video. GOD is good

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The biblical number

Like Biblical NUMBERS? (then you'll LOVE this)

Today's video is one that everyone who's into Bible Prophecy WILL want to watch! If you've ever wanted to truly understand Daniel's numbers and the "when" of them, like 2300, 1290 and 1335...Then watch today's teaching and do so ready to study, pause, rewind, and seek the truth of it for yourself

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Coma and revealed

MYSTERY of the " COMMA AND" (and its importance)

Today's teaching is one of those Amazing Gems of understanding that was revealed to me in study over a year ago. I've spoken about it here and there and showed it in a scenario, but haven't made a video with it as the focus to key pieces of understanding. So I thought this would be a great time to do so

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Unerstanding of the time

Time, Times and a Half or Time and Times and Half a Time (PART 1))

Daniel was revealed today. It was, a call my wife at work day to tell her about it. I couldn't wait. So get ready. Also I ended up calling it PART 1 because I know people are going to ask about the difference in Rev.12:14. So PART 2 we'll go into that in the next video with other revelations of the time that is NOW

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in a cloud and in the clouds

In a Cloud, In Clouds AND Feet Down

I know it's a wow moment in understanding, that will help clear up previously misunderstood end time teachings of those verses. And we put it all together this time from Leviticus to Revelation. GOD is Good And HE is Perfect! I love you all. GOD bless you and your families

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Time to Understand the Harvests

Like Biblical NUMBERS? (then you'll LOVE this)

Hello All. I thought this video would be very timely and I was even able to make graphs or diagrams for this one. Ruff ones, but I believe necessary, to truly get the understanding across. Plus as always even greater understanding to the timing and who, when

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Revelation in Ezekiel

Ezekiel, and the 7 Years of Burning Weapons

Ezekiel gives us more end time understanding during trumpets in today's video. PLUS, have you ever wondered where the 7 years of burning of weapons, Ezekiel talks about, actually fit? After all if you were only taught the total tribulation is only 7 years, how could it fit anywhere fully? In today's video you will you know exactly where and when!

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The tribe of Dan revealed

The Found Tribe of Dan till the END!

We were revealed the portion of the tribe of Dan who are eagles and their job during the time of seals. This one goes a little further into the understanding of the tribe of Dan with their connection to helping the Gentile ChurcheS in having put their "necks" on the line for them. As we move through it, we connect it to the Book of Luke in his final chapter and continue through with showing Mark and Matthew

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Hello Fourteeners, Brothers and Sisters. Welcome back "AGAIN". I don't believe the world is ready for this one, and I don't know it ever will be. But hopefully you all are and have been growing in the understanding of today's teaching, over the past several months and even two to three years. I've contemplated making this video for a longtime as so many of you know. But I'm happy I hadn't yet, as so much more has been revealed in the past few months. And the last thing I want to do, is keep making videos about this...

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