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The Revelation of Daniel 9 (The End Time Understanding)

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Hello Fourteeners Brothers and Sisters. Welcome back! Today's video is one of the long awaited ones, by some. The study note series version of Daniel 9's understanding. Showing in a compacted way, how it clearly reveals the 14 year timeline. And how it could Never have Ever been understood, in the end time understanding of it, UNTIL the 14 years was Revealed! So enjoy, understand, pray on it for those new to seeking it's understanding and share it! Also just a little lower is the link for you for print and make copies of for others and or to make notes with as you study it.

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teaching of scripture

The 40 Days of The Son of man! (Before the Tribulation)

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Today's teaching is one that has been asked of me for a little now. I've taught on it in many ways before, but never a video as clear as possible dedicated only to the understanding of it? So today that's exactly what I do! And you'll come to find there are even more details in the revelation of it, then you thought you understood:)

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Series of events

TimeLine of
Seals and Trumpets

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Hello All. Finally... the 14 year tribulation timeline video is done. I know it's a long video, but there of course was a lot to cover. It could have been longer! The main purpose of this video is for us to leave the understanding of what's coming and when, for those who will be left behind

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Chapter to years revelation

The revealing of chapter to years

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study notes. I know, I know:)...the first two intro teachings I was able to keep to around 30 minutes long. But with this incredible revelation and the amount of scripture that needs to be covered to prove it clearly needed much more than 30 minutes

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A summary of the revelation


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You wonder why we’ve been so frustrated trying to share itwith those who say they’re “watchmen” and church leaders, yet none or very, very few, want to listen,nevermind talk about it with us? So why do we push on even though we’re literally told we’re crazy?WHY? Because it truly is...​the 70th year of the final

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The big picture

Final 21 Years End Time Prophecies

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TheFinal21Years(and22​​nd​​)​​: 2011/2012 to 2031/2032 + the Jubilee. (Years gofrom Spring to Spring). Consider also the flow. God was first and HIS people are the Jews. ThenJesus came and said He came for His lost sheep, Israel...

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the revelation of Daniel 9

Daniel 9’s FINAL Prophecy Numbers

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Daniel 9’s FINAL Prophecy Numbers​​: This study is really going to get usinto some number breakdowns, with understanding like many of you have neverunderstood before. The focus is of course on the famous ​Daniel 9:24-27​​​​prophecy. Inrevealing its true understanding it will also take us into many of the other numbercounts that have been misunderstood over the years...

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The harvest revealed

Harvests diagram revealed

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Crop FieldMain(Rev.7:9a)CornersCornersGleaningLeviticus 23:22And when ye reaptheHarvestof your land, thou shalt not make clean riddance of the Cornersof thy field when thou reapest,neither shalt thou gather any Gleaningof thy harvest: thou shalt leave them unto the poor, and to the stranger: I am the LORD your God...

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from 2020 to 2033

Israel is the time piece​!

Here is the time piece of Israel from the 70 years in 2020 to 2033 For it is Soon cut off = Short period of time. At the end of the short time... Dan.9:26, Rev.9:1, Rev.12:9-13 And We Fly Away = Rev.12:14, time, and times, and half a time ​Lord Returns feet down on the Mount of Olives for final year “clean up”. ​Rev.11:13-15, Zech.14:3-4, Dan.9:27, Dan.12:7, Gen.21:1-5, Gen.31:41-44

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The big picture of the 22 years

The Big Picture, of TIME!

2Peter 3:8 But, beloved, ​be not ignorant of this one thing​, ​that one day is with the Lord as athousand years, and a thousand years as one day​.Meaning the 7 “days” of creation to US, were really 7000 years in total.Then we have man’s time of 7000 years of which we’re getting close to the 6000​th​ as we’vebroken down here many times...

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The whole story

The whole story of the End Times

The whole story of the End Times is 22 years! They are the final 7, 7, 7, and 1.-The first 7 we refer to as the “Easy Years”. Because Jacob said those 7 years felt like, “but a few days”because he was excited to receive his Bride. After which he remained and worked another 13 years. And“after” the 13 years​, he made a covenant...

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