the tribulation

The tribulation is near don't be deceived by Satan give your life to Jesus Christ today

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The tribulation

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See the timeline from the escape of the Bride of Christ until the Start of the Millenium

Hello All. Finally... the 14 year tribulation timeline video is done. I know it's a long video, but there of course was a lot to cover. It could have been longer! The main purpose of this video is for us to leave the understanding of what's coming and when, for those who will be left behind

Don't accept the mark it change your DNA

The mark of the beast revealed like never before

The first video Ministry Revealed ever did back in June 2017. It was a two part video that our Brother Jimmy put into one for me. Understand this was before the end time revelations started of; who the gospels are speaking to, the 14 years or the opening of the books. The very first video I made after a few days of digging into it

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The son ofperdition

John reveals WHEN...The son of Perdition!

Hello Fourteeners. Today's video is one of our shortest ones in a while. You'll also notice I'm a little scattered during it. One of the big reasons is because I'm excited to begin to touch base on this revealing that PROVES, Who the son of perdition is, by proving When he comes! It's revealed today with absolute clarity in the Gospel of John

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The Anti-Christ VS Satan

Anti-Christ vs Satan (understand the difference)

Today we're going down the trail of understanding which scriptures are speaking about the anti-christ and which are about satan? The reason... to clarify the confusion taught in the churches! When explained in 7 years it's taught that the anti-christ is satan and that the satan scriptures are about the anti-christ!

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The 4 beastof revelation

Fear this Glorious and Fearful name

Put your thinking caps on and get your pens, papers, bibles and highlighters ready. We are going to go deep into the 4 horsemen understanding with a breakdown of Rev.13's Beast"s" to Daniel 7's revealing of the 4 beasts. And how it ALL reveals the EAGLE!!! Remember we taught on the eagle in the past? Remember the eagle has TWO sides....

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The Assyrian


Incredible revelation of digging where I was being lead, that takes us to someone we've spoken of before. I was not looking for this and had no idea where it was going. I was simply following the clues. And Who it appears to clearly leads us to should not be much of a surprise as we've spoken of him before. But now with this understanding

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We give understanding

The Antichrist is Not Satan (he gives him his power)

I am back and happy to be!! I love sharing with all of you and as always I pray these teachings will reach the understanding in many of you. I also pray these teaching will make there way around to people who will be here during the tribulation days to help give understanding and save many

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Daniel revealed the Anti-Christ

Daniel 8 Reveals the TIMING of the Anti Christ

Daniel 8 and who it's speaking to. As well as the timing of it and of one particular character. It lines up perfectly with what follows in Daniel 9. Just as the time of the seals do to trumpets. It also adds to the insight of the timing of all 14 years of tribulation. But more than that, I believe it reveals when the red rider/ anti christ will show upon the scene

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